All About Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes is a leader in WordPress. The most famous plugin may be the content builder Thrive Architect. Incidentally, Thrive Themes has a lot more mega exciting plugins that I’ll introduce for you.

Thrive Themes experiences

For a long period, I am using thrive wordpress on almost all my WordPress sites. I used to create a lot with the competition plugin Optimize-Press.

For me, Thrive is rolling out much faster recently. The next advantages speak because of this solution:

Thrive Themes is evolving very fast

The company actively takes care of DSGVO matters

There are several advertising plugins that fit together perfectly

Additionally, there are themes out of this provider

Thems and plugins interact smoothly

The handling is quite easy

Opportunities with Thrive Themes

If you want to create custom pages with Thrive Themes and do online marketing, here are a few of the greatest marketing tools obtainable.

Since I take advantage of these WordPress plugins, I could do without many other and many more cumbersome solutions. Here are some examples of you skill with these plugins:

create individual web pages (landing pages, sales pages, webinar invitation pages, product webpages, etc.)

Design member area

Collect Leads

Gather and publish testimonials

A / B perform split tests

Create countdowns

Conduct surveys

In addition, there are plenty of even more features that I really do not need to get into detail now. The most famous and popular device may be the Content Builder Thrive Architect. We will talk about these in more detail.

Plug-in Overview

As already mentioned, there are many plugins out of this provider. For this reason, I would like to list these briefly. Furthermore, I will go into more detail below on the individual solutions:




Headline Optimizer

Clever widgets


Quiz Builder



Thrive Themes Awards

Let’s reach the prices. If you just want to make use of one or two plugins, you can buy them one at a time. The Thrive Themes prizes are actually very fair.

If you would like to make use of all plugins, you can use the Membership Option. It offers all plugins for only $ 19 per month. That’s a lot more than fair for this ingenious solution.

My recommendation

I would recommend the membership alternative. So you reap the benefits of all updates and can use all features. In addition, this is the conceivable cheapest choice. If you put together the costs of the individual plugins, you will be considerably cheaper with the low monthly membership fee.

Discover What Av Voice Changer Is

The AV Voice Changer software alienates individual voices. With this program, you can transform voices while speaking or edit recordings stored on the hard disk later.

voice changer softwareAn individual loads data files in the MP3 format into av voice changer diamond via the program interface. Optionally one speaks live via a linked microphone and saves the result on a data medium. If desired, AV Voice Changer Software Diamond can be used to alter your own voice for recording music, make phone calls with a voice-over-IP mobile phone or speak to a partner via tone of voice chat.

The AV voice changer software Diamond has numerous filter systems and effects up to speed, with that you alienate voices or audio recordings. The sound manipulations could be adjusted separately. If necessary, you conserve the so-called presets for further make use of on the hard disk drive. On request, the program can be utilized instantly for online games such as Word of Warcraft, Second Lifestyle or Everquest. The software is also ideal as a voice distorter for VoIP software such as for example Skype.


With the AV voice changer software program Diamond you manipulate votes very quickly. After a little practice additionally you miss old sound recordings a fresh garb or produces radio performs, jingles or simple music tracks. If you need fewer features, try Tone of voice Changer Software Basic.

Alcohol Dependence Cure

Dependency on alcoholic beverages and other drugs was once thought of as a moral problem. The addict was viewed as a weak-willed individual who did not care about other people or actually himself or herself. Today, of training course, medical doctors, the clergy, and various other professionals realize that chemical substance dependency is an illness which responds to treatment.

alcohol addictionAddiction is certainly a pathological relationship with a mood or mind-altering element or behavior which renders one powerless and produces harmful outcomes. The addicted person is normally usually the last to simply accept the disease idea. But parents, spouses, and other people close to the addict are gradual in determining the disorder as a sickness. This is because they, too, are simply just too involved emotionally with the disease process.

Addictions do not exist in a vacuum.

The American Medical Association provides given formal acknowledgement to the disease concept since 1956. Their recognizing alcoholism and other drug addiction as an illness implies a number of things:

The illness could be described.

The span of the illness is usually predictable and progressive

The disease is primary – that is, it is not simply a symptom of some other

underlying disorder.

It really is permanent.

It is terminal. If left untreated, it benefits in insanity or premature death.

Based on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (4th edition), alcoholism is diagnosed if at least three out of seven of the next criteria manifest themselves during a 12 month period:


This implies that there is a dependence on markedly increased amounts of alcohol to achieve intoxication, or that there surely is a markedly diminished impact with continued use of the same amount of alcohol. “Today one drink will not also touch sides.”


This implies that characteristic withdrawal syndrome occurs pursuing drinking, and/or a carefully related compound (e.g. a discomfort killer) is taken to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. “I always start my time with pain killers to destroy my hangover.”

Alcohol is frequently taken in larger amounts or over a longer period than was designed. “I try to simply buy a 6-pack along the way home but I usually go back and buy more.”

There is a persistent desire or unsuccessful attempts to cut down, or control alcoholic beverages use. “I usually promise myself that I am going to stop after 2 or 3 3 glasses but it never happens.”

A great deal of time is spent in actions necessary to obtain the alcohol, use alcoholic beverages or recover from its effects. “The complete weekend is approximately getting the booze, drinking and sleeping it off.”

Important cultural, occupational, or recreation activities receive up or reduced because of alcohol use. “I have halted playing soccer and hardly go out.”

The alcohol make use of is continuing despite knowledge of having a persistent or recurrent physical or psychological problem that is exacerbated by the substance. “I know that I get more depressed when I drink but I don’t seem in order to stop.”

An alcoholic cannot just stop drinking on their own using perseverence or when you are prevented usage of alcohol by family or friends. The attraction and compulsion to drink is so strong that nothing will stand in the alcoholic’s method to have that drink. Family life, friends, jobs, finances, spiritual beliefs, health insurance and well-being will still be put aside before point that the alcoholic is ready to accept they have a problem and seeks help.

Denial is the best friend of an alcoholic. Denial helps prevent you or your beloved from facing the truth of having to stop drinking. Denial will tell you that:

“Everyone drinks”

“I just drink at night”

“I need alcohol to handle my stress, to loosen up, to experience better”

“I can quit easily want to”

“I can stop if I want to”

“I’ve stopped before”

“The alcohol isn’t the issue, the issue is my spouse, my job, my finances”

Family members can unwittingly add to the denial due to their own problems in accepting that their cherished one includes a problem.

“She just drinks at home”

“He just drinks when he’s out”

“He doesn’t become aggressive”

“It helps her to rest”

“I actually drink too”

“It’s much better than drugs”

“If I make him prevent drinking I’ll lose him”

The reason that Alcoholics Anonymous is indeed successful in supporting recovery from alcoholism is because it generates a forum where in fact the alcoholic can regularly be reminded of their personal denial, and commit to sobriety every day.

alcohol rehab provides your household the chance for sobriety to be placed in place, and for an array of coping mechanisms and equipment to be built-into your life to assist with maintaining abstinence. Recovery from alcoholism is definitely sobriety alongside healthful changes with techniques of thinking and behaving, in addition to healthy administration of emotions including depression, anxiety and stress.

How Does Photolemur Work?

Photolemur 2.2 Specter is an update to the prior version we’ve tested and discovered to be good , In between, the algorithm was improved, however the second version no more contained the slider, over that you could make minimal own settings. Because in theory, Photolemur’s motto is to draw photos or select them with a dialog box, then your software analyzes the templates completely automatically including shades, acknowledgement of faces and items like sky, makes the white stability and tries to reduce the image noise. With the completed result you have to live in a way, without being able to impact further. Although you are usually well off, the photos are a lot more contrasting, extreme and color-balanced.

photolemurAgain good tuning via slider

Even so, you could skip the slider for your own adjustments. This is now from 2.2 with other features back: Although so long as have the choice between “Realistic” and “Vivid” as in Photolemur 1 , Instead, you can now see not only the direct comparison between before and after, but with a click on the new brush on the picture window is certainly a slider with the groups “Original” and to the right “Reinforce”. Right here one will not do other things than to get back the optimization of the photo calculated by Photolemur in stages. And looks extremely elegant the intermediate stages between your original picture and the ultimate version of the picture editing. Furthermore, everything is currently in German, although the amount of menu items and commands is incredibly low. But that is also the purpose of this image processing, which searches with its algorithms for several predetermined categories and content to boost them due to their artificial intelligence.Macphun image editing Snapheal , in the event that you own them.

The developer has made other changes, so for complete compatibility with macOS High Sierra, we also believe that it is much faster if you have multiple images in the stack edit. That’s thanks to the developer for an improved and faster algorithm. We have already mentioned the new slider. Support for the German and various other languages ​​has been added and on the Macintosh the integration of Snapheal. In addition, an improved Natural import and bug fixes.

Photolemur also under Windows

Anyway, we are quite content with the Mac version of photolemur , because you can barely progress photos on the fly . There are individual adjustments for this in other programs. But we also looked at the Windows version. Here you will need at least Windows 7, we have Windows10 tested. New here is the option as a Photoshop plug-in. Usually it works and looks a lot like Mac. In order that we can suggest Photolemur also for the colleagues from the PC Group. Of course, missing a few of the export options from the Mac pc under Windows – on the PC, there are only 2.2 local storage, Facebook and Twitter. Here and also there one will pay with the offerer for a single place version scarcely 30 euro. For approximately 50 euros you get yourself a license that you could run on a complete of five gadgets.

Conclusion and recommendation

For many users, Photolemur 2.2 ought to be enough to boost holiday pictures, photos of celebrations or additional personal occasions. The slider enables adjustments to the consequences of the optimization, which is effective specifically for smaller pictures with lower resolutions such as too much noise and JPEG artifacts. With great, higher-quality templates, you do not have to get worried about anything. We still want extra integrations with picture editing on the Mac pc – under Windows you have at least Photoshop and on the Mac pc Snapheal and Lightroom. With Apple photos, however, it did not work so well with us, here we only received an error message when attempting. Nevertheless, Photolemur 2 is also taken for itself.

Vipre Guide

The American security specialist GFI Software acquired Sunbelt Software some time ago and could expand its software portfolio with an endpoint security item called ” Vipre “. Based on the English Wikipedia description , Endppoint Security is a thought that assumes that each gadget (as an endpoint in a network) is eventually responsible for its own security.

vipre advanced securityWe had the answer “Vipre Business” in edition 4.0 (release 4.0.4359) available for testing. This software program still displays (as seen in the screenshots) the name vipre advanced security and the company name Sunbelt. The service provider really wants to perform these aesthetic corrections but promptly and provide a localized interface, as this is currently only obtainable in English. In addition to virus safety, the solution’s fundamental security features include anti-spyware and a technique that can detect and get rid of rootkits . Another edition of the suite, sold beneath the name of “Vipre Business Premium”, premiered by the product manufacturer with a firewall element and techniques such as Host Intrusion Prevention (HIPS ) and web filters.

Security deal with multiple components

The software consists of several elements which, together, allow both deployment of the brokers to the terminals and the monitoring and administration of the safety programs. This consists of a console, which is the server component of the solution. It allows an individual to monitor the administration and installation of the agents. In order that this console receives the appropriate info, it uses the so-called Vipre data source . This task can be achieved by an already existing SQL server. If no database is available, the answer instantly installs a Microsoft SQL-Express version, which then uses the info during operationsaved for construction and reporting. A special system service called Vipre Site Provider (VSS) ensures the connection between the database in the backend and the brokers on the finish systems.

Furthermore, agents are provided, who perform the actual work as “executive organs” on the PCs (workstation and server) in the network. The package deal is curved off by the Statement Viewer. That is a custom application that may optionally be installed on the machine with the console. With their help, it is possible to compile corresponding reviews from the statistics of the individual agents, which provide an overview of the security circumstance in their own network.

All About Driver Booster Pro

Current drivers will be the nuts and bolts, so that a computer functions optimally and above all with the best possible performance and bluescreens or crashes can be minimized. Unfortunately, Windows barely or inadequately manages the latest driver versions for processor, mouse, network adapter, graphics card and various other hardware components. “Driver Booster Free” promises especially beginners a highly effective and uncomplicated solution. The free system immediately scans your PC, detects outdated, faulty or missing equipment drivers and installs the new drivers with one click. Driver Booster Free gets its information from an online data source containing over 500,000 drivers. In addition to classic gadget drivers, the “Driver Booster” also pays attention to the most recent game components such as for example Adobe Surroundings, Adobe Flash, Java,

iobit driver boosterDriver Booster Free: Update Driver

At fixed intervals, for instance every week or at system startup, “Driver Booster Free” scans your PC and checks drivers for drivers, whether even more up-to-date versions can be found in the online data source or missing or faulty components. Subsequently, information such as the version quantity of the installed driver as well as any updates are obviously listed for every specific driver. The free of charge booster just considers drivers which have been qualified by Windows, ie have exceeded the Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) test.

Driver Booster Free: set up driver

driver booster pro not merely informs you about outdated drivers and just identifies download links like competing products. The tool can even install the drivers. This makes the entire process from evaluation to set up a 1-click process – it could not be much easier. Of course, you have the option to exclude specific components from the set up. On request “Driver Booster Free” also cleans the PC of installed debris of no more existing or connected hardware. In addition, the freeware tool fixes the classic hardware problems of “no sound” and “no network connection”.

Use Game Booster from Driver Booster Free

“Driver Booster Free” has a center for gamers. A mouse click is enough to activate the included game booster, which gives your games the utmost power of the PC. Driver Booster Free achieves this by terminating unneeded procedures, services, and programs, clearing RAM, and deleting the clipboard. What the 1-click booster will in detail, ie which applications or services are really finished, you can adjust if preferred in the preferences.

Driver Booster Pro with automated driver updates and backups

The free version “Driver Booster Free” already offers a lot of features. The just downside is the insufficient a 1-click automated for driver downloads, which recognizes in the background fully automatic old drivers, new downloads and then installed. This function is normally reserved for the Pro edition. You may also develop driver backups right here, and if required, roll back again. The fee-based “Driver Booster Pro” also has access to more than 3,000,000 drivers. This should maintain most cases, the replacement of outdated and rare driver no problem.

How To Choose Rollback Rx

horizon data sysRollBack Rx is a robust system recovery utility which allows individual users and IT experts to conveniently restore their computer to its first state since it was originally bought. In essence, it will turn your computer into a time machine. Regardless of what occurs to a user’s computer, they can efficiently recover their pc back again to the state before the crash. It’ll make it easy to get your computer back again to its original state. As a result, save time, money and avoid unnecessary hassles connected with computers.

Windows System Restore only restores program files and some programs in Windows. Also, if Windows crashes to a point that itself can not boot (such as for example BSOD), you won’t have the ability to gain access to the restore point in Windows systems. RollBack Rx technology will continue to work in the sector of Hard drive and get factors back rapidly.

What’s brand-new in this edition:

Modification the name of the program from rollback rx to Rollback Rx Professional

The completely redesigned customer interface module works remotely with Remote Management Console (RMC)

Add Tree View to the display capture window

Added features to check for updates

Extends RAM utilization by program restore when baseline update

Supports multiple hard drives with different partition types (MBR or GPT).

Key Top features of Rollback Rx Professional:

Restore previous settings in only a few seconds.

Will not affect computer functionality and uses less system resources.

Support for unlimited restore factors.

Create a complete system restore point without rebooting the machine.

Fix any problems that occur in the machine in just a few seconds such as for example: failing to upgrade the operating-system or even to install programs.

Restore system even when malware and virus episodes.

Work with VMWare and Virtual Machine as a server or as a digital machine as a customer.

Lock the restore indicate prevent deletion.

Manage restore points based on an intuitive interface.

Easily find, browse and retrieve files or folders from any restore points. Drag and drop them into one’s body.

Allows users to check any software safely. Uninstall from the computer rapidly. Recover files from a corrupted PC even if Windows cannot boot.

Control access and also manage all administrative and user rights.

Automatically schedules to use the restore stage when executing particular files.

Apply 256 bit AES encryption. Prevent unauthorized data theft in case of computer theft.

Control of corporate systems and group management.

Works in Stealth Mode , hides the icon and display on the machine tray.

Modification the startup hotkey to gain access to the user interface of the sub-panel.

Built-in image defragmenter, which optimizes system assets and restores more free space.

Provides options to assist you keep your documents and folders intact when you return.

The Advanced Setup Configuration Wizard is used for program administrators, providing deployment choices and predefining settings in RollBack Rx.

An Unbiased View of Mondly Languages

Learn languages ​​from books? That is from yesterday, because now you can train your language abilities in VR simulated everyday circumstances. Whether on the teach, in the cafe or in the hotel – just about everywhere you can speak to your virtual conversation partners and thus improve your pronunciation as well as your vocabulary. In this article, I’d like to introduce you to this new language learning app for Gear VR.

language learning appThe facts

The technology behind language learning app contains voice recognition software program, a chatbot and a VR environment. All this is performed in a smartphone application that, combined with the Gear VR headset, is designed to deliver an immersive VR learning knowledge.

Right now there will be the pursuing interactive learning conditions:

The Restaurant: Right here you will figure out how to order meals and beverages in foreign languages.

The train: That is about social interactions and conversations that you start with strangers during a train ride.

The resort: Reserve an area and chat with the front desk staff.

The supported languages ​​are: English (American and British), German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Greek, Portuguese, Arabic, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese and Thai.

These are the main element information from the news release that landed in my inbox today.

My assessment

In theory, I find the theory really interesting – normally I’d not write about it. We can better remember stuff that we have experienced than those from which we have just read or noticed.


Free (except optional superior content)

Many different languages ​​to choose from

Innovative idea

Experienced developers (currently 15 million users of the standard (non-VR) app

Immediate feedback on the debate


Only three environments (hotel, restaurant, train)

Only for Gear VR

I was not obvious what “premium” brings and just how much it costs

What do you think concerning this new language learning method? Just create it in the remarks so we can talk about it. If I had a Equipment VR Headset. I would definitely check it out, because I’d prepare for my upcoming Spain vacation soon. Also, I should refresh and expand my vocabulary in another vocabulary that I began learning last year.

Finding Jutoh

Jutoh – Easily create electronic books in EPUB, MOBI, TXT, MP3, HTML and ODT types, from existing data files or from scratch.

create ebookjutoh can be a complicated and reliable software solution whose main purpose is certainly to produce ebooks from a number of sources, able to export them to EPUB, CHM, HTML, HTB and others.

The application includes a multi-panel user interface, with multiple sections open up simultaneously, allowing you to customize whichever area of the project you wish with a few mouse actions.

As such, you work with the “organizer” and manage the framework of your digital book, as the “Control Panel” enables you to build the data files with a single touch.

Field of ‘Layout’ allows you to customize the appearance of different web pages and objects, as the working window shows the item you will work on.

To create a clear ebook, Jutoh offers you a wizard to help you every stage of the best way to make your job easier. You need to first get into a title, author, publisher and various other details such as topic, publisher internet site, language, topic year or description.

Next, you can set the “project folder”, if necessary, in a position to load a template to use as a bottom. You can even use the preferred ‘Initial Formats’, such as for example EPUB, Mobipocket, Open Document, Text, HTML, CHM, and others.

In addition, you can select from a “normal reflowable book” and a “hard publication layout”, the latter in which you arranged the page size and optionally load your very own wallpaper,

The eBook will be customized to ensure that you can include text and images, create new pages and customize them to meet your requirements. When the configuration is complete, you can select “Compile” to export the document to the chosen format.

Basic Blunders of Web design

Creating a Internet site with Flash — Do you realize in a recently available study, top online marketers found out that having a internet site created with Flash, actually reduced the response from prospects and customers by as much as 370 percent?

web development in nycHere’s why: Your prospects and customers are most likely visiting your site using all types of different computer systems, connection speeds and internet construction settings…

What may look great to 1 visitor may not even appear for another! You could very easily have got shelled out hundreds or even thousands to have a website created using the Flash technology, only to discover that a few of your visitors will never see it! (Not forgetting the loading instances can cause your visitor to close your website, never to return again.)

The “Internet Catalog” Strategy — You find this everywhere. Great, honest and hardworking businessmen and females get online to sell their products, and have a niche site created for them that contains a link to just about everything they offer using one page. Their thinking will go along the lines of, “…well, I don’t desire to leave anyone out. If indeed they arrive to my site, I’d like to ensure I’ve what they’re looking for…” — In this manner of thinking could not become further from the reality.

Here’s why: There’s a historical rule that goes back to the beginning of direct-marketing on the internet, taught by the richest, most legendary and well-respected internet marketers ever…

“When you provide your prospects too many choices, they become baffled and aren’t sure how to proceed next. Confused people under no circumstances buy anything.”

Optimizing Your Product sales Site for the Search Engines — You’ll see this taught in almost every “online marketing” course, manual or eBook out generally there… “You need to optimize every web page of your site for the search engines!” — Actually, this false teaching is recognized as ‘gospel truth’ frequently that most web site designers will offer to do this for you personally at no, or little extra cost…

What they don’t really understand is that certain content should be either re-worded (to create it “keyword rich”) or taken out completely, merely to be viewed extremely by the mighty se’s — which could destroy your product sales, literally overnight.

Here’s why: When you or a web development in nyc optimize your sales page (i.e. any website made to sell your products and services) to get a higher listing in the various search engines, you’re going to have to sacrifice the pulling-power of your sales copy (i.e. written sales material) just to obtain those higher listings. Sure, this may bring you increased traffic — but what great is all the visitors in the world, if your visitors arrive at your site and aren’t compelled more than enough to read why they should purchase your product?

For years, it’s been taught that you ought to always make an effort to look for a “balance” of SEO (Search-Engine-Optimization) mixed with promotional copy designed to sell your products and services…

Wrong Again! — The simple truth is that you ought to by no means optimize your sales page for the Search Engines. Rather, you should develop tiny “entry pages” for each keyword related to your service or product, (extremely optimized for the various search engines) and also have them connect to your primary sales site! (We are able to show you precisely how to do this quickly and easily and get *substantial* targeted traffic from the Search Engines – without ever *touching* your product sales site!)

Having a “Graphics-Based” Website — Sure, graphics can certainly help us to visualize a particular scenario or circumstance, product or service… But did you know having a graphically-driven website can actually distract your visitor away from your product sales message?

After all, your sales message (or “web copy”) is The #-1 the very first thing in a internet site which makes money. If these potential customers are paying more attention to your “professional graphics” than your sales message… you’ve simply lost another sale.

Here’s why: You have approximately seven seconds from enough time your visitor arrives at your site, to the time they decide whether to buy your product, get more information or leave. If you a graphically-intensive site, your website will most likely still be loading past your seven-second time limit.

That is clearly a “customer-killer” in and of itself – however, the real cause lies within the fact that the larger, brighter and even more beautiful your images are, the even more they will distract your visitor from your own product sales message. And if your visitor is certainly distracted even for one second, it could mean the difference between getting a sale, and shedding a customer.

Designing a Site with Zero Marketing Experience — Most web designers have no idea how to generate income on the web, with anything apart from their design providers. It isn’t their fault – they simply have no or very little marketing and sales experience. After all, they’re simply website designers…

However, having your website designed by someone with Zero online marketing experience is similar to investing in a street-car lacking any engine… it will not go anywhere, and it’ll just waste your time and money!