Choosing Natural skincare

organic skincareToday’s way of life leaves us open to a daily chemical assault, from the surroundings we breathe to the water we drink, and the skincare and haircare items we use every day. It isn’t known what the long-term ramifications of these chemical substances will be, but one thing’s for sure, it can not be good.

Some individuals are unacquainted with the huge amounts of additives within their food, water and personal maintenance systems. Some are as well busy to care, and others have the attitude ‘ Yes I understand, it’s awful, but what can you do?’

The informed, wise people out generally there though, are taking a different look at. Any species that does not reside in harmony with it’s environment will ultimately make itself extinct. Fact. It’s nature. If humans carry on just how they are going, they’ll indeed end up extinct..

For instance, a century ago, cancers affected approximately 1 in every 50 people. Right now it strikes 1 in 3. It won’t be a long time before it is striking half the population. It doesn’t have a genius to realise that our lifestyle is the biggest factor influencing this increase.

Diet especially, is normally of paramount importance when it comes to maintaining good wellness, but a lot of people ignore this reality and fill up their bodies ( and their children ) with low-nutrient , chemical and additive stuffed junk.

When people consume meat, they are consuming the same chemicals and hormones that the pet ate. Obesity is definitely on the razor-sharp increase, and it’s not surprising due to the fact the majority of obese individuals are meat-eaters. They eat the meat, the meat is full of growth hormones and chemical substances, the hgh are absorbed into the human body, so the person gets fatter. Want my advise – if your are overweight and seriously want to lose excess weight – embark on a low fat vegetarian diet plan.

If your system got a choice, it would ask for plenty of fresh organic fruit and veggies, preferably raw. Your system would choose clean , fresh water ( I mean pure bottled spring water, not the stuff that comes out of your tap at home). Think about how exactly much fresh water you consume per day, and by that I mean water thats not really blended with squash, tea , espresso or anything else. I bet it isn’t much. Do the body a favour, next time you reach for the fizzy beverage, reach for the mineral water instead.

Tap water is merely another way that people are being poisoned on a regular basis. It contains chemical substances, hormones and in a lot of areas it also contains flouride. Yes, sodium flouride , that aged favourite. The stuff they devote toothpaste is the same stuff they use to create rat-poison ! Surprised. What folks get confused about is calcium flouride, which may be the stuff naturally found in water which helps maintain our tooth and bones strong. People think this is exactly what switches into toothpaste and the drinking water supply, wrong.

Sodium flouride is a by-item of aluminium smelting and other industries. It’s only toxic waste. For years it was very expensive to get rid of, until someone decided to constitute some rubbish about it being best for our teeth, so they could get away with losing it in our water source. This of training course was performed without open public agreement. Nice, thanks for that, I’ll stick to the bottled stuff.

Sodium flouride builds up in the body over time, and it can cause cancer. It makes bones softer so they fracture more easily, and it generally does not protect your tooth, actually it has the opposite effect. Sodium flouride is definitely a main ingredient in anesthetic, hypnotic, and psychiatric drugs as well as armed service nerve gas.

Sodium flouride promotes mental disturbances. The Nazi’s added it to the water supply at the focus camps through the war, to greatly help sterilize the prisoners and push them to become calm and submissive.

Sodium Flouride has a poisonous and narcotic influence on a certain section of the brain, which makes the individual submissive and less in a position to resist those that wish to control him. It’s a way of controlling of the masses. Hmmm, makes you wonder what the government are thinking about for us today……

When we consider the organic skincare items we use daily, most contain sodium laurel ( or laureth ) sulfate. This is a foaming agent which is indeed harsh that it had been first utilized as engine degreaser! Fancy that, cleaning your skin layer and hair in something harsh enough to strip essential oil off a garage area floor. No wonder we are all spending a lot of money on moisturisers! Hmmm, am I simply paranoid or do you consider there could be some method within their madness……

So they put this SLS in your shampoo,shower gel, bath foam, toothpaste etc, and then add moisturising ingredients to the same items to counteract the drying ramifications of the SLS. Why not merely buy items without SLS? That’s what the intelligent people are doing. That’s what I do.

Since I halted using commercial shampoos and skincare products, and switched to all or any natural, herbal skincare products, and organic hair care products, my skin and hair are gorgeous. My locks that was once frizzy and dry is currently curly and shiny.

Since I began using organic, aromatherapy based skin care, my pores and skin that was once therefore shiny from all of the grease and additives from my earlier moisturiser, is now so soft , much younger looking, and I don’t need powder or base because my skin is great!

I take advantage of non-flouride toothpaste, and I take vitamin and mineral products every day. I always eat clean, organic fruit and veggies, and I always drink bottled, pure water. I am vegetarian therefore i eat an extremely natural , low fat diet, that’s full of nutrients. I have never felt therefore healthy.

If you’d prefer your body, your wellbeing as well as your life, plus your children and additional loved ones, you borrowed from it to you to ultimately change your life style right now and start living more naturally.

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