Choosing SaferVPN Is Simple

SaferVPN is certainly a VPN provider that is on the market since 2010. The beginning of the business was to create state surveillance methods impossible and therefore to safeguard the rights to privacy of citizens. Today, SaferVPN is certainly globally positioned and has locations in more than 30 different countries.

safervpn reviewSaferVPN is well suited for:

Streaming – TV & Video Online obtain in high steady quality

Good security & anonymity on the internet

Secure computer data exchanges without log file storage (data retention)

Perfect even when traveling or abroad

Anonymous secure conversation on the internet

High security on all products (Windows, Mac pc OSX, Google android, Apple iOS + others)

Filesharing / file sharing use

Easy application directly through the Google Chrome internet browser extension!

Cost – overall performance

The business Safer Sociable Ltd. Tel Aviv is among the most trusted vendors available and often keeps an eyesight on personal privacy and customer privacy. Another big benefit is that even with shorter advance obligations (from four weeks) you always pay an extremely fair price, as the difference between shorter and longer binding isn’t so great.

SaferVPN can be tested a day for free!

You can test safervpn download for free every day and night by installing the software and creating a fresh user directly in “Create Account”. The software is then released cost-free every day and night without payment. We also wrote a short guide to it. ” Try SaferVPN free of charge “

Video streaming

As much of our readers also use VPN services for streaming , of course this is especially true with regards to typical payment suppliers such as Netflix, Sky, Amazon Video , and there’s always a point we can see very clearly. SaferVPN happens to be not blocked by Amazon Video and Sky and is normally therefore ideal for it. NETFLIX is about USA server however, not Germany. There are also details about this here: ” VPN for Netflix “

Clearly one escapes thus also ” unjustified warnings ” when using free of charge streaming portals.

Tip: Streaming is manufactured very easy in the browser, since SaferVPN offers an “extension” directly for the Chrome web browser. Consequently, you do not need to set up VPN software on your own device.

The real advantage of SaferVPN may be the simplicity which makes it super easy even untrained to connect via the VPN connections to other countries and then with very great speed even domestic TV stations or Amazon video, ZDF, ARD or additional TV / Watch video streaming services.

SaferVPN for document sharing / torrent / downloads

SaferVPN can be used by many today for the utilization of file sharing. You can even achieve very great speeds and is therefore appropriate without reservations. However, we recommend using servers in Russia or Netherlands, Switzerland or Sweden, these provide a very good swiftness.

In order to create an ideal download ratio for the users, the servers in Russia, Netherlands, Switzerland and Sweden are suggested. As we understand it, most users and the servers provide superb speed and total security against complaints.

Panda VPN Tips

VPN could be children name and you may have found it on the web. VPN is a digital personal network. You can move through the network anonymously and securely with a VPN. Technical knowledge is not necessary and equally useful for newbies as well as for advanced users.

vpn pandaDo you want to know very well what pandavpn is and find out in detail how it operates? In this article, we’ll explain just what a VPN is precisely and why you need to use this virtual private network as of today.

Exactly what is a VPN?

When surfing the Internet, various intermediate stations are run through and the gadgets perform some functions. From the smartphone or Personal computer to the in-house WLAN router, via different servers to the relevant website. You may also simplify the procedure and minimize visitors to two actions. On the one hand the personal device and however the Internet company. Between these two stations, the visitors functions. Data is delivered and received. What goes on if we add an intermediary between these two stations? At this point, the virtual personal network is necessary.

The virtual private network provides another stage to your link with the ISP – a tunnel for your visitors. This intermediate stage is performed by VPN to encrypt the information between you and the known as web page. Hacker can make access to your computer data more difficult and you can surf the web anonymously simultaneously.

VPN prevents the data sent or received from getting edited and changed. Your connection will end up being secure against interference.

Another big advantage of VPN’s is that you could simulate your location. Visualize you are in Germany and need to tell the web service provider you are in america. You can use all the advantages of the various countries and deal with, for example, geo-blocking.

Using a VPN is really as easy as downloading and setting up an app. Once installed, you must log in and then connect. Out of this point on, all of your actions on the internet are encrypted and anonymous.

What can you perform with a VPN?

Encrypted data, relocation, etc. but how can you benefit from it? Within the next section, we’ll show you four convenient VPN applications:

Be safe in public networks

Internet cafes, resorts, libraries, research centers … Today there are several places where one can surf the Internet for free and free without needing to enter your access data.

That’s great, but it is also an open door for hackers and threats to your devices. In such cases, using a virtual private network is vital.

In public areas, the VPN acts as yet another security measure to prevent hacker attacks.

Remote Access (home based)

Should you have your home office or are self-employed, then VPN can be extremely useful to you. You can access various solutions and servers while raising the security regular of your network and data connection. You can prevent sensitive data from getting hacked or stolen by your organization.

Online buying and on-line banking without risk

If you do banking or frequently buy online you then should use VPN. The risk in the network is great. Whether you are shopping online or doing all your banking business over the Internet, your account information are deposited with the particular providers. With VPN, you prevent data theft.

Yet another feature of VPN can be you can browse online shops from different countries. As mentioned above, you can disguise and alter your location. You can determine the cheapest cost with this technique.

Details Of ZenMate VPN

ZenMate is normally a Berlin-based VPN company, which strives to supply high data protection and simplicity.

zenmate for chromeThe youthful StartUp company from Berlin, will go already well-known ways and offers VPN based on the PPTP and OpenVPN protocol. A distinguishing feature is the personal and German customer service.

You can use zenmate firefox on virtually all devices, it is noteworthy that there are also extensions directly for all major browsers. What’s not obviously and obviously communicated in this context is that in the browser extensions ONLY the data that is actually delivered or received via the web browser use the secure connections. All other applications are passing it by.

ZenMate uses “proxy server” for anonymization. Although these are basically a tried and tested means, they also mean that the users must trust the service provider 100%, because they can view and conserve all transmitted data. Therefore we do not recommend using ZenMate for the anonymous usage of the internet, but only for video and streaming jobs.

Exactly what is a proxy?

“Proxy” means proxy and basically a proxy ip server is nothing else. It mediates between a Computer and the net server to ensure that there is no direct connection between the sender and the recipient. This could be about the call of a particular website, but also about the download of documents in the network. In principle, you can imagine a proxy server like a courier. It transmits info between the sender and the recipient without the need for personal get in touch with.

The chance through proxy server.

Nevertheless, this also implies that ZenMate, as the operator of the proxy server, can view, save or also maniupilize 100% of all contents of all data that go beyond that. Regular VPN service will not do that, because this data merely “routes” forward therefore and do not spend as an “intermediary services” against the goals of the info.

The ZenMate Premium version includes:

Access to more than 20 different VPN locations (countries)

Full Desktop Installation (As normal with all the VPN services)

The entire data visitors of the device is certainly directed via zenmate

Up to 5 devices can be used simultaneously

Integrated phishing security, advertisement blocking / tracking protection.

No speed limits

No data limit

Prices and tariffs:

1 month € 7.99

(and may be canceled regular)

6 months € 44.99

(that’s € 7.49 / month)

12 months € 59.99

(that’s € 4.99 / month)

Privacy with ZenMate

ZenMate provides some features that obscure the identity. In the free of charge version, however, this is limited to make use of in the user’s internet browser. Connections are created via encrypted channels via proxies. These are relatively simple to undo and the operating-system and all set up applications or browser plug-ins can openly transmit their personal IP address and various other personal information unencrypted. Hence, it is roughly seen that just a straightforward protection of your respective identification is guaranteed.

The Advantages Of IPvanish

ipvanish reviewIPVANISH VPN is a specialist VPN service. It really is characterized by high availability and swiftness and in addition offers secure encryption of all data. The unique feature can be that it claims fast VPN speed and high anonymity and targets these tasks, so it’s easy to use.

The American business IP Vanish already has a lot more than 15 years of encounter in network administration and IP services. With offices in THE UNITED STATES and Europe, the company is able to run globally and exert significant impact on its two largest product sales marketplaces. The declared objective of IP Vanish is to supply the perfect quality (maximum velocity, safest connection) and support at the best prices.

We’ve examined – how fast is definitely IP Vanish?

We have tested on a 1und1 VDSL line with 50 megabits and the web site . As server we chose the one with the cheapest ping time in Germany, in cases like this a server from Frankfurt with 27MS ping time according to IP Vanish Tool. Without a VPN connection, the VDSL collection regarding to throws precisely 40.62 megabits in the download and 8.61 megabits in the upload. The ping period can be 28 milliseconds.

With the OpenVPN connection (TCP) from ipvanish vpn review at least an impressive 8.90 megabits arrive through the line, in the upload it was 2.35 megabits. The ping time risen to 41 milliseconds. Unfortunately, the bond did not focus on L2TP, so we’re able to not test anything. It really is exciting, nevertheless, that the connection to the same server via PPTP is much faster – 16.33 Mb / s download rate as well as 6.44 Mb / s upload price creates IPVanish via PPTP:

In reality, eg when downloading an Ubuntu isos via Bittorrent the following ideals ​​have been reached:

By VDSL about 5.4 MB / s optimum in the download, 400 kB / s in the upload. OpenVPN measured no more than 1.1 MB / s download rate and about 300 kB / s upload rate. By PPTP, a whopping 1.8 MB / s were designed for downloading and only about 100 kB / s for uploading.

The IPVanish Speedtest

In which countries does the VPN supplier have servers? currently has over 325 servers in more than 60 countries. This enables the company to supply its customers with over 40000 different IP addresses. At the same time, IP Vanish is constantly expanding its server supplying to provide better still coverage worldwide. Specifically in Europe, the company has already been well equipped. The servers of are currently located in the next countries: USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Sweden, France, Austria, Poland, Denmark, Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, Switzerland, Portugal, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Spain, Belgium, Malaysia, South Korea, South Africa, Romania, Russia, Hungary, Singapore, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Australia, Finland, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Iceland, Panama, Argentina,

The Advantages Of Tunnelbear

bear vpnEverybody desires data security. In order to guarantee this, VPN clients such as OpenVPN and consorts offer an adequate alternative. However, the use of a few of these services overwhelms inexperienced Personal computer users plus they too desire to be guarded against cyber episodes. TunnelBear promises actually the biggest computer beginner a simple-to-use VPN tool without operating problems.

Not only due to its vivid design, but also thanks to a completely simple and obvious interface, TunnelBear proves that VPN clients usually do not necessarily need to be highly complex. In the beginning of the program, a tutorial introduces you to the basic functionality of the software.

But that is hardly necessary, because the interface is self-explanatory. On a map, the servers of the particular countries are displayed in the form of small tunnel symbols. All you have to do now is select the tunnel in the country you wish to connect to. After a few seconds, your personal computer has followed the IP of the destination nation.

Streaming fun rather than security?

Now you have the ability to gain access to the contents of international media libraries such as Netflix without having to be suffering from geo-locks. Individual configurations such as for example data security could be adjusted in the options menu. Although this program has received a security update, the safety mechanisms are far more convenient than optimal compared to related software program, including VPN and Shellfire VPN.

tunnelbear supports Windows os’s , macOS X , iOS devices and Google android products . After a one-time registration, the freeware grants you usage of the VPN provider, but this limits the obtainable monthly data volume to 500 MB. For an unlimited range of purchases of the high quality version for regular $ 9.99 (8.44 €) in the monthly membership or regular 5.83 dollars (4.92 €) in the annual subscription is necessary.


TunnelBear focuses less on protection than on providing you access to international media libraries. If you would like to bypass geo-locks, you can certainly do this with the software easily and cost-free. However, the reduced bandwidth does display eager film fans quickly the limits of this program. For anyone who is more worried about the security of their data in their daily walk through the net, freeware such as Shellfire VPN is better.

PureVPN Guide

PureVPN is one of the strongest VPN companies worldwide. The infrastructure of servers is well developed, the purchase price / functionality ratio is right. PureVPN has been in business for a long time and is rolling out into a good brand. Although you can’t quite reach the market leader HideMyAss – even though you claim to have the fastest and most reliable VPN in the world. PureVPN is definitely a safe recommendation.

purevpn torrentBack in November 2006, PureVPN entered the global VPN market, which makes it among the dinosaurs among VPN vendors.

• Throughout our review, we realized that among the highest goals of purevpn torrent is normally to provide its users with an ever-growing quantity of accesses.

• Provide the security needed by users to conveniently use as many features of the web as possible.

The company is constantly working to develop innovative innovations that can ensure that users’ security dangers are minimized. The latest developments concentrate on wireless technologies to provide increased safety for users, specifically in open networks.

The vendor’s VPN enables simultaneous connection of five devices, ensuring that the required speed isn’t restricted.

• A lot more than 300 servers in each network

• Server locations in 45 countries

• With servers on 6 continent, locally blocked websites could be reached so far as possible.

Users can change between the servers indefinitely and thus always reach the maximum speed without problems.

Speed ​​of PureVPN

PureVPN claims its users an available quickness of at least 20Mbps.

• Because of the large number of servers per network, it really is simple to always look for a server with the mandatory speed.

• The configurations are specially made to make it easy to hook up to Wi-Fi hotspots and improve their functions, even if the acceleration of the network isn’t very fast.

PureVPN has considered bsonders make use of in streaming. With Netflix, Hulu, and other well-known streaming systems in the collection, reaching your most important content in most cases is easily feasible.

Terminals / os’s

The decision of operating systems compatible with the software includes the give of most important producers, whereby your client can be used on almost all devices.

• Windows

• Mac

• Linux


• Android

• iOS

• Bozee Box

• Blackberry

• DD-WRT Router

The Pure VPN help page includes a detailed list of guidelines and compatibility requirements. In the event that you log in to your account, you may use up to 5 devices simultaneously.


The protocols offered are unrestricted and can simply be changed throughout a running session.

• OpenVPN

• IKEv2


• L2TP / IPsec


All protocols have got 256-bit data encryption and are equipped with the full range of security tools for optimal safety of users while browsing the Internet.


PureVPN will not develop users’ log documents no data will be disclosed to third celebrations. Exceptions are legitimate requests in the course of prosecution.

• The storage of data takes place only following the explicit consent of an individual. This ensures that users always understand for what purpose this data is stored and used.

If a merchant account at PureVPN by the user or the provider is closed, for example, due to breach of the Conditions of Use, the supplier uses the deposited payment details to compensate for just about any outstanding bills.

Privacy Policy

The quantity of data gathered and kept is kept to the very least with PureVOPN. At length they are:

• Operating

Protocols • Web browser Cookies

• Operating Systems

• Name and IP

The data is actually used to enhance the functionality of the offer. A transfer of the data to third parties does not take place


P2P activities aren’t described in the terms and conditions. Torrenting is certainly expressly prohibited in the usa, United Kingdom Australia and Canada. If you want to make use of PureVPN for filesharing, you can only just do so via the Swedish, Turkish, Dutch, German, Romanian, Luxembourgish and Russian servers.

Hotspot Shield – Dead or Alive?

hotspot shield reviewWith the Hotspot Shield Download, you can safely surf the open Wi-Fi network and obtain an American IP address that you can use to access US-restricted web solutions.

With the download of Hotspot Shield you get a VPN client , which assigns your personal computer the IP address of a US-American server under which you are then online. This has the advantage you are on the web with an increased degree of anonymity .

However, the utilization of public Wi-Fi hotspots will be safer. Furthermore, with the IP designated through the Hotspot Shield Download, you may also access web sites that are not actually available.

Hotspot Shield Download: Other features of the program

Furthermore to assigning a new Ip, the Hotspot Shield Download does much more for your protection: the personal data traffic over the Internet is definitely encrypted by the device, so you can use open public Wi-Fi hotspots with a clear conscience if you are using the free system installed on his pc. In addition, hotspot shield review also defends against malware: over 3.5 million webpages, on which such can be found, are stored in the data source of freeware. Among them are websites that distribute Trojans or infections along with the ones that emit spam or phishing episodes.

Under Hotspot Shield choose the desired server

When you have downloaded and operate the Hotspot Shield, there exists a window on the tool at the bottom ideal of the screen where you can, among other activities, set the positioning of the server whose IP you are employing on the Internet. In addition to the USA, Australia and the united kingdom are also available for election.

If you want to make use of Shield as an extension for Firefox or Chrome, you need to add it to your browser using the control keys above and then click on the icon in the icon bar to connect to a VPN server. In the configurations of the respective addon you may also pick the desired server area.

The downloadable free version of Hotspot Shield includes advertising right here; To be able to use the tool ad-free, you must choose the paid Elite Edition.

Conclusion: With Hotspot Shield you eliminate two birds with one rock: With the encryption you can safely move on general public Wi-Fi hotspots in the web. On the other hand, the changed IP network marketing leads to an increased degree of anonymity and the likelihood of phoning up websites that could normally not be available in a few countries.

Discover What VyprVPN Is

It must be mentioned in a report on VyprVPN – Golden Frog that it’s a completely different entity, and all code is created and written in-house.

vyprvpn price• The company founders have been working in the region of ​​encryption and the web since 1994.

• The business’s goal is to supply all Internet surfers with the most security when connected to the web.

• The founders are also accountable for the popular Dump Truck storage app, which enables synchronization and storage of business data.

vyprvpn review has long been energetic on the VPP market, but recently did a relaunch including mobile apps on the system. This allows users to synchronize their utilized gadgets via the system.

VPN server

His Customers VyprVPN – Golden Frog offers unlimited access to all servers.

• The server is normally easy to change without additional fees

• Server groupings are situated in more than 40 locations

• 200,000 available IP addresses, and the quantity is increasing

• More than 700 servers in server groupings.

The globally distributed servers reside on all accounts components except Africa.

VyprVPN Golden Frog is usually a service-oriented business, without sacrificing protection.

• Within the VyprVPN infrastructure distributed across the world, users are instantly linked to the geographically nearest server to provide the highest speed possible.

The network is constantly optimized internally, so that the service provider can always stand by its promises on the rates of speed. Optimized code for broadband operation ensures non-operating hours.

Terminals / operating systems

The VyprVPN client software program works with with all common operating systems, making it simple to sync Personal computer and mobile devices.

• Windows

• Mac

• Android

• iOS

All devices are also provided with a ping test as the VPN loads, so you can instantly find the quickest server.

PrivateVPN – Is it a Scam?

privatevpn reviewThe Swedish-based company currently has around 44,000 customers. There is no free version, however the support for the 13-month subscription with around € 3.30 is so cheap that the costs are hardly significant.

But in the end you will get an amazing amount of efficiency: The service is one of the few that not only supports make use of under Windows and macOS. PrivateVPN can also be managed on different routers and NAS systems. The integration in the MediaPlayer Kodi or Amazon FireStick are also backed by the service provider.

privatevpn review also will keep its promise about security and protects its reference to 2048-little bit AES-256 encryption.

PrivateVPN leaves little to be preferred, if you look at the website on the efficiency of the assistance.

There are a number of platforms available which you can use in parallel with a total of 6 devices. Not only the essential functions, such as for example an optimal privacy protection are met, the developers have also integrated various useful additional features into PrivateVPN.

Communication is guarded by 2048-bit AES-256 encryption . Furthermore, both safety against existing DNS gaps and against IPv6 gaps have already been integrated into the customers.

If the VPN connection breaks down, the web connection is automatically disconnected through a “kill switch”. This assures your anonymity at all times.

Unlike a great many other providers, PrivateVPN allows you to use torrent solutions and at least one open up port.

Finally, for all those using international streaming services, PrivateVPN offers special dial-in nodes for Netflix , Hulu and Amazon Prime in the usa, and for BBC television in britain, for example . This eliminates the occasionally time-consuming search for the proper server for the corresponding program.

PrivateVPN gives you a total of three different tariffs, which differ only within their duration: four weeks, three months and 13 months. The price varies from $ 7.67 per month to $ 3.88 for a 13-month period. These are around 3.30 euros at the current exchange rate.

PrivateVPN offers you a wide variety of payment methods: in addition to all or any major bank cards and payment via PayPal, you may also pay anonymously using Bitcoin.

The Advantages Of NordVPN

An important factor in the decision of a digital private network is certainly, of course, always the purchase price as well as the functions and the product quality. This service provider is characterized by a very good price. For this the user actually gets the probability to use 6 devices concurrently with an individual connection . This is also called multi-login . The expenses amount to between 4 and 9 euros, based on what sort of subscription you complete. If you choose an annual membership, which I generally recommend, the regular monthly costs are only about 4 euros. In the event that you sign up to the service on a monthly basis, it will cost you about doubly much.

The attractive annual subscription cost makes nordvpn torrent among the cheapest available. Special offers can be looked at on the site.

In case you are dissatisfied with the provider or if a specialized problem should emerge, you can cancel your buy within the 1st three days and your full cash will be refunded to you. Furthermore, there are often interesting special offers of the provider. These can be looked at on the site of the provider.

NorthVPN experiences

as well as an extensive review at this stage to share with you.

NordVPN Torrent: First of all, it is necessary that the support does not save logs. This predestines him for enthusiastic torrent and P2P users.

Luckily, I got a trial, so I could have a close consider the encrypted connection.

I had already looked around the web a little and discovered that generally speaking very positively concerning this service. In addition, the new version seems to be superior to its predecessor.

One of the outstanding features of the service is the large number of servers in different countries: a lot more than 80 servers are distributed worldwide. Of the, there are 28 server locations in Germany.

The business itself is situated in Panama and can be thus at the mercy of local law. Fortunately that the laws in Panama usually do not require information to be held. Therefore, you are totally protected and anonymous when using this encrypted connection.

How about the functionality? And is the user interface simple to use? All of this we get rid of here.

In addition, other server choices can be utilized, such as for example:


Ultra Fast TV

TOR over VPN


Dedicated IP server